• Risk mitigation
  • Data gap assessment and closure
  • DFM&A cost reduction
  • Operational optimization
  • Competitive benchmarking

We deliver custom solutions that support your optimization strategies

xpxd consulting’s experience can provide independent expert analysis and opinion to support your special requirements. Our professional expertise is accompanied with a confident, competent, and professional presentation. We check and recheck our facts, assumptions, and calculations to ensure that they are justifiable.

Our team is experienced in identifying risks, especially subtle or hidden risks that lurk within your operations. We bring these risks to light and help you to develop mitigation strategies so that you are prepared should the risk materialize.

Our experts apply advance cost optimization strategies to operations, marketing services, logistics, and supply chains to develop custom cost reduction solutions. We focus on quality, safety, and performance as we develop viable and sustainable cost reduction strategies. We also can lead or take part in the implementation of these strategies to ensure the full realization of the benefits.

We also offer operational optimization and can map your organization to identify its strengths and weaknesses related to your purpose and strategies. This process helps identify how process efficiency and speed to market can be enhanced along with delivering waste elimination. Our purpose is to always provide sustainable solutions that help you achieve a greater leveraging of the strength and intelligence in your operations.