Insurance Companies

  • Identification of car parc details
  • Market assessments
  • Repair cost valuation
  • Residual value analysis
  • Data collection & optimization
  • Data monetization
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Cost optimization

xpxd consulting offers a broad base of services supporting the insurance industry. These include the analysis of how new technologies impact insurance rates, analysis of insurance claims, based on DAT’s database of actual body shop calculations. We also have procedures to improve body shop operations, including repair processes and claims processes. Our experience includes developing connectivity solutions that can help direct customers to preferred repair locations.


xpxd consulting data analytics experience can optimize and transform insurance business operations. Data optimization identifies and closes gaps to bring greater visibility to insurance opportunities. This visibility can help you better understand the key vehicle component cost and associated insurance risk. We are helping our customers use this visibility to enhance the profitability of their products and services. Visibility supports our clients’ transformation insurance product innovation strategies by providing insights into industry trends and emerging technologies.

Exploiting the power of prioritized data & analytics

Fully exploiting the power of data & analytics requires three mutually supportive capabilities:

Capabilities must be supported by a clear strategy for how to use data & analytics to achieve goals and the deployment of the right technology architecture and people.

To identify, combine, & manage multiple sources of data

To build advanced-analytics models for predicting & optimizing outcomes
To transform the organization so that the data & models support better decisions